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Homeowners trust Boland Automation Warehouse to provide trusted security solutions to protect what they value most. We use a wide range of electrified fencing security products that helps ensure the safety of households.

Whilst a home alarm system may offer some form of protection, you are still at the mercy of the responsiveness of the private security firm hired. Despite the immediate visual impact that an electric fence gives, you also have peace of mind that you’ve got up to 10,000 volts of electricity fighting in your corner.

Taking into account Eskom’s reputation of load shedding when you least expect it, you will still be able to rest assured that with a full battery backup system your home won’t be left vulnerable.

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electric fencing repair, Electric Fence repair Wellington, Electric Fence in Wellington, Wire, Electric Fence price


The Compression Spring 1 is like the superhero of electric fences! It’s there to make sure the wires stay tight and strong. Without the spring, the wires might get loose and not work properly. So, the spring is always there, ready to keep the wires in line and doing their job.


Check out these cool features of our electric fence wire connectors:

– The plastic inner part stops different metals from reacting and rusting, making the wire last longer
– Works with any kind of electric fence wire
– Comes with a standard tension spring that can tighten up to 1.2 mm wire
– The stainless steel spring keeps the fence at a steady tension

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The cool screen on the Druid energizer shows you all the important stuff about how it’s doing. It uses this fancy technology called Adaptive Power Technology (APT) that Nemtek came up with. This tech helps the energizer figure out how much power the fence can handle without getting all sparky and wasting energy. That way, the fence gets the most power possible and you don’t have to deal with annoying false alarms.

Check out the cool features of this home security system:

– It can deliver 3 Joules of energy to protect your property
– The design is strong and can be adjusted to fit your needs
– An alarm will go off if someone tries to mess with the wires
– You can connect it to a radio or GSM module for extra security
– It has protection against lightning and power surges
– It’s smart and saves power to make the battery last longer
– You can use a tag to control the system easily
– There’s a walk test mode to check if the fence is working
– The LCD screen changes color to show you the fence’s status
– It runs on electricity but has a battery in case of a power outage
– There’s an alarm for your gate to let you know if it’s open or closed
– You can get a keypad to control the system from far away, with up to two keypads. Cool, right?

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Commercial Electric Fencing Security Solutions

We offer secure property protection with advanced security solutions for commercial applications. If you need to secure your retail store, complex, outdoor showroom, farm or office park, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.


Hey there! Check out this cool gadget called the Druid 20LCD Fence Alarm Monitor. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on fences in places like schools where electric fences might not be allowed. This monitor uses a low voltage pulse, so if anyone or any animals touch the fence, they won’t get shocked. But don’t worry, if someone tries to mess with the wires, an alarm will go off. With this Fence Monitor, you can keep the first 1.5 meters of a fence safe in public areas, while still electrifying the rest of the fence with a security energizer. Cool, right?

Electric Fence fencing Energizer Paarl wellington riebeek malmesbury franschhoek stellenbosch cape town boland automation warehouse

Check out these cool features of the D20 Fence Monitor:

– It uses safe 50V pulses to make sure everything is connected properly.
– You can use it with other security systems to make sure your fence is extra secure if it’s over 1.5m tall.
– The design is strong and flexible, perfect for homes, businesses, factories, and places with high security needs.
– You can make four different zones by connecting two D20 monitors together with the Druid keypad.
– It can tell if there’s a problem with the voltage in your fence, like if it’s been cut or disconnected.
– You can use it in public areas to make sure your fence meets safety standards.
– You can connect it to a radio or GSM module for extra protection.
– It has protection against lightning and power surges.
– It saves power to make the battery last longer.
– You can get a keypad to control and program the monitor.
– The screen changes color to show you the condition of your fence.
– You can test it with the D20 Fence Alarm Monitor tester.

Pretty cool, right?


Nemtek has a bunch of cool products that help with all kinds of fencing for farms. Whether you have a small farm for fun or a big farm with lots of animals, Nemtek has you covered. Their products are super strong and made from really good materials so they last a long time and work great. With Nemtek’s special energizers made just for farms, you can keep your animals safe and happy. So you can relax knowing your animals are protected.

Electric Fence Wall Spike Paarl wellington riebeek malmesbury franschhoek stellenbosch cape town boland automation warehouse


The 5-wire bracket is super cool and strong, and it looks really nice too! You can put it on top of a fence or wall to keep animals from jumping or climbing over. It’s made with fibreglass and plastics so it can handle tough, yucky environments. This bracket is perfect for keeping your pets safe and keeping out any animals you don’t want around.

Check out these cool features of our product:


-You can put it together however you want when you get it, so it fits perfectly where you need it
-It’s super tough and can handle being in really tough places
-It’s not heavy to carry around and it’s easy to move
-You can put the insulator on either side of the bracket


The Agri 20km energizers are super cool because you can use them with a battery or plug them into the wall. This makes them really convenient and versatile for whatever you need them for.

Check out all the cool stuff this electric fence energizer can do:

– It can power up to 20km of fence, which is like 32 acres of land!
– It’s super tough and can handle all kinds of weather.
– There’s a handy indicator to show you how much battery charge is left.
– Another indicator will let you know if the energizer is overloaded.
– It has a sensor that can tell if it’s day or night.
– You can power it with a battery (you have to buy that separately) or with the power adaptor that comes with it.
– You can mount it in different ways, like on a wall, fence wire, or wooden post.

– It has lightning protection to keep it safe during storms.

– You can use a handheld remote (you have to buy that separately) to program all kinds of cool stuff, like adjusting the voltage and pulse rate of the fence, setting it to work differently during the day and night, checking the battery voltage, and monitoring how well the fence is working.

Electric Fence fencing Energizer Paarl wellington riebeek malmesbury franschhoek stellenbosch cape town boland automation warehouse
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The Hybrid Combo Tensioner BD Black is like a superhero tool for your fence! It does two jobs in one – it tightens the wire and keeps it away from the corner post. Just hook it onto the post with the special S-hook and you’re good to go! It’s like magic for your fence!

Check out this awesome wire tensioner

-It’s super tough and can handle any kind of weather.

-You can use it to tighten steel wires up to 3.0mm thick, as well as poly wires and braided wires up to 3.5mm. Plus, it helps prevent rust by reducing the reaction between different metals.

-You can use it with any type of wire and it’s really easy to tighten with a half-inch ratchet.

-The increased tooth count on the ratchet allows for precise adjustments, and the spindled design makes it easy to avoid over-tightening.

-It’s a must-have tool for anyone working with wires!

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Based in Malmesbury, we’re in Riebeek Valley, Wellington, Paarl and Cape Town every other day visiting clients. We’re unconditionally focused on customer satisfaction.

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Our managing director and founder, Bernard Matthee, is hands on when it comes to installations. He believes in leading by example. “Our core values are who we are. They are not just what we do, they are part of our DNA”

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They sorted out my electric fence in no time and is affordable. I definitely recommend and will use them in the future if my gate motor or garage door gives me any problems

Well educated guys who goes above and beyond to assist their clients. They have no shortage of resources

Thank you Bernard and the guys for your installation. All well so far – I am sleeping much better now

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Do you like the convenience, security and peace of mind that the computer age has to offer? Don’t you think it’s about time to automate your entrance gate and get with the century? Get a gate motor.


If your answer is yes, then we can assist you. We stock a wide range of gate motors ranging from swing gate motor to sliding gate motor, from leading brands. 

 A gate motor is a device which enables you to control your gate through a handheld device. It can be controlled with a remote or even a cellphone, if you install complementary equipment.  

 There are so many advantages to having a gate motor installed. No need to open your gate manually anymore. Having a gate motor installed will make your life easier as well as safer. You can close your gate and make sure your property is secure before getting out of your vehicle. Don’t get out in the rain to manually open or close your entrance gate. You control who enters your automated gate.  

 Your gate is your first line of defense against criminals. It is what separates you from the outside world. Have your gate fitted with the very best gate motor. We offer a wide range of gate operators for just about any application. 

If you thought about getting a garage door motor installed you might already know quite a bit about them, or maybe you believe it’s just an item of luxury. 

An automatic garage door motor is priceless for many users. These modern garage door operators take the hassle out of opening and closing your garage door.

Here are just some of the benefits of an automatic garage door motor.

 One of the main benefits of installing a garage door opener is certainly convenience. Garage door motors come with remote controls. You will not have to get out of the car to open the garage door. No need to leave your children unattended in the car. Don’t go outside in bad weather just to open or close your garage door operator. 

It surely goes without saying that security is of great importance. Therefore you can rest assured that your automatic garage door motor will help to keep  not only your family but also your home safe. 

another great pro of installing automatic garage door opener is that it offers invaluable security for not only your car but also other items in your garage. 

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If you have a 2G or 3G gsm device, then you’ve probably wondered how the General Notice No 1271 of 2022 issued by the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies Government and published in Government Gazette will affect you. If not, well keep reading anyway.

We have been getting an influx of queries regarding this matter. It seems like the end user is not fully informed on what to expect and what actions to take and today I would like to clear things up a bit.

The government gazette was published on 8 September 2022 and it states that all mobile network providers must decommission legacy 2G and 3G network services by no later than 31 March 2024 (2G) and 31 December 2024 (3G). Some network providers however have indicated that they will be prioritising the decommissioning of 3G services.

So, if you have a cell switch or an intercom system that currently operates with a 2G or 3G Sim card, your device will no longer work by the end of 2024. I therefore encourage users to upgrade to 4G/LTE enabled devices as soon as possible.

Upgrading your device holds many benefits. You might have noticed some annoying offline notifications during loadshedding. Well, this should become a thing of the past very soon. Networks have announced that they are investing a substantial amount of funds in backup power. Your connection during loadshedding should improve, making 4G more reliable.

It is important to note that the Centurion G-Speak 4G controller is available without the gate station. Enabling you to upgrade only this component and saving you money. “With the G-ULTRA, your entire world fits into the palm of your hand, giving you complete control at your fingertips. This is the evolution of GSM technology, designed to offer you the ultimate flexible, mobile-based access control and monitoring solution and allowing you to transcend archaic notions of what GSM can achieve.’’

 Accentronix has a wide range of options as well. For example, the cell switch infinity (4G/LTE) offers Bluetooth access control. You can open your gate using your smartphone, manage remotes online and monitor the status of your electric fence.

There are many options for you to choose from. Feel free to contact us for assistance.